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•    Nickel plated brass cord grips contain two clamping seals, one with a larger diameter seal into which a smaller diameter seal fits. Both seals are made of V0 rated EPDM rubber, tested and certified in compliance with EN45545-2, Hazard Level (HL1/HL2/HL3) for rail applications.
•    Included sealing ring and galvanized steel lock nut provides a means for connecting the fitting to boxes.
•    Excellent corrosion resistance, strength and durability.


•    Cord Grips ensure a continuous contact without gaps resulting in an IP68 protection.
•    Rated for temperature ranges -49ºF to + 221ºF (-45ºC to +105ºC).
•    Suitable for cables with shielding. Provides integrated anchorage and protection against twisting.
•    Delivers a wide sealing and clamping range.
•    Complies with UL Standard 514B File No. E500099, suitable for use in hazardous environments according to NEC.    

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